To join Parish Giving, our online giving service, click the link below.

You will be directed to the St Joseph online giving page in Parish Giving.

Choose the Sign Up option in the upper right.  You will be prompted for your name, email address, the password you wish to use and your mailing address.  Please enter your parish number if you know it.  When you have completed this page, choose “Save.”

You can then choose to enter either your bank account or credit card information.  When you are done, choose “Save Changes.”

You will be given the option to change or schedule your contributions and to edit any account information as necessary.

To make a recurring offering, choose “Schedule a new contribution”.  You will be prompted for a category, choose “Sunday Offering”.  You can then enter an amount, and choose the frequency of the offering (one-time, annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly).

Thank you for your generosity.