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Ministry for the Common Good

Our Ministry is relatively new and full of energy and enthusiasm to pursue the work for the common good of all people and creation. 

As growing disciples of Jesus Christ, we recognize that the human person is both sacred and social, achieving fulfillment only in community.

Every person is uniquely and lovingly created by God in his image and likeness and worthy of respect as a member of the human family. 

We believe that society can only function if the fullest level of human rights are recognized and protected for all people. All members of the human family have a responsibility to protect the rights of one another and those of the greater society.

Recently, we recognized issues that serve the common good and actively participated in these events:

  • We participated in the donation of blood and made a conscious decision to create a personal habit to respond to the critical need for blood donation. Our parish was encouraged to go directly to the NY Blood Center and do likewise. 
  • In response to God’s command to tend and care for all creation, we established the St Joseph Parish Garden planting vegetables, fruits, and fruit trees. The harvest will be donated to St Joseph Parish Outreach Food Pantry.  We are healing and preserving our common home, the earth, in addition to providing healthy food choices for those facing financial struggles.
  • Parishioners were invited to the Blessing of the Garden and received a small vegetable plant to take home and start their own garden.  
  • We renewed friendships with local Christian churches and hope to work together on future activities for the common good of all and the glory of God.

We invite everyone to join us as we identify and take action to eliminate challenging issues that the human family faces locally and globally.

World Day for the Sick

Laudato Si