Maryanne Trezza

Pastoral Associate & Director of Faith Formation

I began ministry as Director of Faith Formation for the Diocese of Rockville Centre in 1995.  I served at several parishes and loved the uniqueness of every parish. Since 2014, I have served with an awesome pastoral staff and dedicated, gifted catechists. This team of people helps me grow in my faith as we accompany children and their families in discovering how much they are loved by God.  In 2017, I was also given the title of Pastoral Associate, which offers me opportunities to serve at the parish in various ministerial and spiritual ways. At St Joseph Parish we believe that the purpose of our parish is to nurture a deep relationship with the Lord as we help parishioners form their minds and hearts in likeness to the mind and heart of Jesus.

I truly believe that my St Joseph family has equipped me to spread the Gospel of love and mercy in a more profound way.

I attended Nassau Community College and then went on to SUNY Empire State College pursuing a business degree.  I was thoroughly content to follow this course, but God had other plans and I am ever grateful that I was open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and plans for my life. Acceptance of this calling led me to a new discipline of study. I attended St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach, Florida and later attended Rockville Centre Diocese Pastoral Formation Institute. This was much more than academic study ˗ it was an exciting and rewarding experience.  

My faith journey was blessed from the very beginning by the love and nurturing received from my parents and grandparents. My earliest memory of an encounter with God was in the beautiful way I was introduced to the Lord. I was told and never doubted that the Lord is merciful, compassionate, forgiving and would always be my best friend. My grandmother’s devotion to the Blessed Mother became contagious and I grew in my friendship with Mary, the first disciple of Jesus and role model for all women. I believe my relationship with Mary cultivated my respect and admiration for the courage, strength, and most of all the gentleness of women, the beloved daughters of God. As my journey with God developed, I understood that the virtues held by Mary were present not only in the saints in heaven but in the faithful followers, the saints on earth serving the Lord. Life experiences taught me that the kingdom of God is built by the entire Church, the entire Body of Christ in heaven and on earth. 

My R&R time is spent in the kitchen cooking dishes from many cuisines.  I also have a strong connection with nature and the outdoors.  A rigorous walk or hike makes my heart swirl as it does when I am playing in my flower and vegetable garden. These activities are usually done while listening to music.

 As much as these times reinvigorate me, I feel closest to the Lord when I snuggle up to read, listen to, or meditate on Scripture.