Michael C. Keller

Director of Music Ministry

What brought me here?  Well, my answer is really to the question, “WHO brought me here?” Literally, my mother brought me here (and my father, also). My mom used to tell me that she took me with her to choir rehearsal in St. Joseph’s pre-1968 Church in the choir loft.  I was entertained for a while, but eventually fell asleep in the pew behind the choristers. Maybe that’s why it feels like I’m able to sing the old hymns and chorales in my sleep!

I have been nurtured throughout my life by the supportive community of believers that worship on this holy ground. Many are now a part of “the great cloud of witnesses” cheering us on our journey. I am nurtured by you in this place and time and look forward to meeting those yet to come.

I am proud of St. Joseph Parish and its Music Ministry. I am thrilled to see your faces, to share our story and, most especially, to share our song!